My first real blog post!

What's happening at the homestead?

As some of you know, I did a blog following our ups and downs of moving out to the country and building our home.  Well we are settled in and finally been able to focus on the land!  I absolutely enjoyed doing the house blog and decided to start posting on a real blogging site.  Woohoo!  

This blog will be more focused on homestead life and the challenges we are find ourselves diving into.  I hope you all enjoy seeing a different life style and can appreciate the hard work that goes into the food on your plates!  We are a fairly small homestead and I can’t imaging the work that goes into farming on a bigger scale. 

What’s going on now you may ask?  We are in the middle of hay season!  It’s a love hate relationship for me.  It can be rather stressful since it requires more than cutting grass and running it through a baler.  Without getting into too much details, cutting hay must be at the right stage of grass to provide maximum nutrition for animals.  Once cut it has to dry a proper amount of time but not too much otherwise it can loose nutrients.  When you hear about hay bales catching on fire that is often due to the hay being wet when baled and can cause a chemical combustion.  And then there’s the baling.  We do not have all the fancy equipment so doing it old school.  The itchy, sweaty, physically exhausting job of loading 50lb square bales on a trailer and taking them to our hay barn where we unload and stack.   Trying to coordinate all this between no rain and our full time work schedules…phew!  

So all that sounds like it would be mostly a hate relationship but I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment of a weeks worth of hard work all perfectly stacked up.  And when driving around and seeing hay bales in the field, it gives me a bit of nostalgia of how this part of farming has not changed much over the years.

The picture above shows the first step…hay is cut!  Guess we better get to work clearing some room in our hay barn!