What to do with excess jalapenos?

With all the craziness this year, more people have started a garden who have never gardened before or have gotten back into it.  I think this is great!!!  There is nothing better or more satisfying then growing your own food in my opinion.  You know exactly what pesticides or fertlizer have been used on your plants or not at all.  Also, you know exactly who has touched your food…you!  Depending on your green thumb, you may have lots of vegetable your unsure what to do with.  

Jalapeno peppers is a vegetable we grow every year and without fail it has always been a fantastic producer.  I only plant four or five jalapenos plants a year and its the perfect amount for an abundant crop of jalapeno peppers.  After making several batches of homemade pico de gallo, I’m left with the question what do I do with so many jalapenos?  Several years of this bountiful dilemma, I have come up with some favorites of what to do with our extra jalapenos.  Some of these do require canning but only water bath is necessary.  

My number one favorite is jalapeno jelly.  At first taste I was unsure of the slightly peppery taste to this jelly but it has since grown on me and very rarely do I ever buy fruit jelly anymore.  It is all things sweet with a slight heat depending on the amount of seeds left in during processing.  It’s great on anything you would normally put jelly on plus its a go to for parties where all I need is a can of jalapeno jelly, cream cheese and crackers for a fantastic appetizer.  

Jalapeno poppers are also great and easy way to use up several jalapenos at once.  There are tons of recipes out there of different variations but I like the classic filled with cream cheese and a little chedder on top.

Cowboy candy is another way to use a TON of jalapenos.  It’s basically a candied jalapeno.  It can be eaten similar to the jalapeno jelly on cream cheese and cracker but has more heat.  Also if you have jalapenos that have turned red, the colors of green and red in the jar are a fun holiday gift.  

Freezing is my simpliest way of storing jalapenos for another day.  All I do is slice open jalapeno and remove seeds and stem.  From there I flash freeze them on a pan for about an hour.  Once thats done I transfer to a gallon bag to be pulled out this coming fall/winter for chilis or stews.  Yummy!

Of course if your having trouble with any of these, sharing your surplus is always welcomed!  

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