We did a thing…

We butchered our meat chickens!  If you would of asked me 5 years ago if this was something I would do, I would of said heck no.  I would not have pictured myself on a homestead with 50 acres pursuing self sufficiency but here we are and loving it. 

When it came to butchering it really wasn’t as bad as I was imaging.  I should thank youtube for preparing me for the process making it seem like just another chore on the property.  We could easily continue buying meat at the store.  Raising and processing our own chicken is not the easy route but that’s not why we did it.  We wanted to know what our chickens were eating and the environment they were being raised in. 

Other than their first few weeks in a brooder, our chickens were out on grass, in a rotational grazing system.  They had a shelter surrounded by a 25×25 electric netting to keep predators out and were moved once a week onto fresh pasture.  Every week they had a fresh clean area, leaving behind their nitrogen rich manure for greener pastures.  We did not loose a single bird nor did we have to treat any with antibiotics or growth hormones.  

The results are in and the chicken was amazing!  The flavor has a stronger chicken flavor and I feel like it was more tender as well.  It went so well and tastes so much better we ordered more for a fall batch

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