They’re here!

We are excited for our newest addition to the farm.  The Kiko goat!  We have had them for a few weeks now and are happy to report none have escaped our electric fence!  They are so fun to watch and are slowly warming up to us.  

These four ladies are all registered Kiko goats and our plan is to slowly build up our goat herd.  That being said we still need to purchase a buck, a male goat, and are trying to decide who we want to get him from.  The Kiko goat is a meat breed and with demands growing for goat meat we hope this to be a good investment.  

Goats do not do well on grain and because of their susceptibility to parasites require lots of land which has not made them an ideal animal for big industry to raise.  That being said, because goat is raised on pasture it is one of the healthiest meats being rich in minerals and low in saturated fat.  Also the amazing thing about goats is they can clean up pastures.  They love weeds, thorny brush and do well in various terrains.  They have already been amazing on our property eating down unwanted brush.  So happy to have them on our homestead and can’t wait to see where our future with this livestock goes!


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