The Garden Is In!

I’m not sure what is going on in the rest of the country but here in the midwest we are getting hammered with the rain! It has been an interesting year trying to plant in between breaks in the weather. It was a great feeling to have a whole day of no rain to play in the mud and get the rest of the plants in the garden! We started doing our deep mulch, no till method last year and have continued on with it this year. So thankful we have made the change as we would never have been able to get a tiller through the soggy mess all the rain has created. The deep mulch suppresses a majority of the weeds and composts into the soil as well. It doesn’t look like much now, but in a few weeks this will be popping with plants everywhere! 

Gardening is one of my favorite things on the farm in achieving a more sustainable life style. If properly maintained, gardens can give an abundance of fresh veggies and herbs from spring all the way through winter. This year, it almost seems easier to say what we didn’t plant as we are continually adding and expanding. 

Potatoes went in earlier this year with the help of my brother and nieces and are starting to really sprout up everywhere! Potatoes need lots of nutrients so I chose to plant them in an area I had been using for composting chicken bedding and food scraps. They seem to be appreciating all the nutrients.

When it comes to expanding sometimes its hard to find the right place for everything we want to plant. I was really wanting to add asparagus interplanted with strawberries and finally decided on a location this year. Asparagus takes years before it can be harvested so finding the right spot for a long term plant was important. Things I look for in a location is sun, proximity to water and most importantly convenience from the house. If something is too far away I’m more likely not to weed, water or harvest when it needs to be.

One of our fellow homesteaders talks about making a 1% change everyday to their homestead and we find the saying to be a great motto to live by as well. Our minds may race with ideas for our property that are physically unachievable in a short time frame but if we continually make a 1% change every day we slowly can see those goals come to life. I guess the whole how do you eat an elephant…one bite at a time fits into this motto too. Looking back to where we were last year and whats been added this year helps me see those changes come to life. We planted several fruit trees last year such as this apricot and if we continue to make small strives our place will be the bountiful homestead we wish it to be. Of course, not without its up ands and downs along the way. 

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