The Difference in Homegrown Pork vs Store Bought

We had two hogs we raised out on our pasture this summer who went to the butcher beginning of December.  We have had about a month of trying out different cuts of meat to see what we think.  I personally have found our pork to be delicious!  The color of the meat is a dark red and has great marbling giving it much juiciness.    

The difference in the meat comes from the breed we raised.  They were a heritage breed, meaning they still carry traits similar to their ancestors without the selective breeding for different qualities.  For our breed that meant dark red meat with short muscle fibers creating more tenderness.  In most recent years, pork has been bred to be lean, otherwise known as the other white meat.  The Large Black Hogs we raised are known for having fat micro-marbled throughout the pig, giving the meat its juiciness qualities.  The one thing I cannot stand is eating dry, hard to chew meat.  Our pork has been far from dry and continues to impress me with its flavor. 

The other difference in our pork vs store bought cannot be tasted or seen and that is the health of our pork.  Our pigs required no vaccinations, antibodies or wormers.  With our rotational grazing methods we were able to raise healthy, laid back pigs in the most humane, low stress environment possible.  Due to them being out on grass, the meat also has an increased amount of omega 3’s.  When first looking into raising our pigs my main objective was to know what is going into the meat we were consuming but the flavor has far exceeded my expectations. 

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