Supporting Local Supports More Local Businesses

As I reflect on our progress we have made this year, it occurred to me how supporting your local farmer in turn supports so many other businesses. I’ve heard the saying before how important it is to support the local businesses but until I became an entrepreneur the concept did not completely sink in. When supporting one local business no matter what it is, often times you end up supporting several local businesses. I have found this to be so true in our business as we are in the start up phase and farming can require purchasing various equipment to make things run smoother.

A great example of supporting local with more local starts with our laying hens. These ladies were our first livestock on the farm, purchased from Cackle Hatchery located in Lebanon, MO only a mere 3 hours away. We’ve been purchasing their feed from a local feed mill in Thayer, KS only 2 hours away. The egg carton boxes we package our eggs in come from Valley Vet Supply in Marysville, KS. As the list goes on you can quickly see how purchasing one dozen eggs from us has actually helped support at least 3 other businesses. 

I can keep going with our red rangers, our latest batch of broiler chickens on the farm. These guys are not from a MO or KS but are still from a business located in the U.S. Even though some products may not be supporting a business a few hours away, they are supporting other US businesses. Our Red Rangers come to us from The Chick Hatchery in Michigan. They are still receiving grain from a local feed mill and the supplies to build our chicken tractors came from the local farm store. They have a special watering system to keep their water cleaner called the plasson broiler drinker with headquarters located in Scheuyler, NE. Feeders come from Stromberg’s a company producing poultry supplies in the U.S. since 1920’s. It doesn’t stop at the supplies, our broiler chickens are sent off to a USDA packaging plant in Garnett, KS. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them or you as the customer to support us!

Let’s not stop at the chickens! Our large black hogs were purchased from two different small family farms. One in Iowa and the other in Missouri. We have switched our feed for these hogs to a no soy and no corn feed from a local feed mill in Perry, KS. These hogs will go to a local USDA butcher shop in Ottawa, KS in mid January where we can sell pork by the cuts. 

After thinking of all the businesses impacted by our very small family farm, I can see how supporting local is so important for jobs and economy. What I have talked about here is just a small number of the many places we purchase goods from. Next time you have the option to buy local, remember another local business where a friend or family member may work or own could be affected as well!

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