Spring on the Farm Feels Like a Tornado!

Tractor is in the shop, goat with mastitis and a million things to do! We are starting off with an interesting spring already! After plowing up our old pumpkin patch our tractor coughed and died. It’s been in the shop for a few weeks and we are hoping it will be done in time for hay season…or we might be on the look out for a new tractor! 

Despite our ups and downs this spring, we have been able to accomplish a lot including adding 50 new broiler chickens to the farm. We are trying out a new mobile chicken tractor which requires being moved daily vs last year chickens were on a weekly basis. So far it is working out as we have not lost a single bird this year and they are getting new fresh grass every day. Pasture chicken will be for sale soon! Chicken on our farm is beyond organic as they are fed organic feed but also the added benefit of fresh air, grass and sunshine. 

Along with the animals we love to garden here at cackling owl and are always looking to add more vegetables. They are great for us to eat and our pigs and chickens love the extra veggies too, free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Although the potatoes need to get in the ground ASAP, we have found time to plant strawberries, asparagus, pecan trees and 5 more apple trees were added to the orchard. Of course all this couldn’t be done without our assistant ;). We planted several apple, peach and apricots last year and are happy to see they are all coming back so hoping for the same success with our newest batch! As far as our vegetable garden goes, I have some spring plants in such as lettuce but my carrots haven’t quite made it in yet. Need more time to play in the garden! 

Along with the rush to get all things planted in the spring, our goats are back out on pasture.  One of our goats was terribly sick with mastitis but seems to be back to her usual self other than nursing 3 kids and being underweight. We are hoping having them out on pasture along with hay and feed will help these ladies maintain weight while nursing. Even on our busy weeks we strive to always be rotating the goats to new grass helping reduce parasites and building soil through pasture management. 

Much to do still despite early mornings and late evenings! The hustle and bustle of spring almost makes me long for my afternoons of sitting by a toasty fire…till next year winter!

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  1. Your little red head is also learning so much! The values taught to her and Zen outweigh more than you probably realize right now. Love reading about the farm, and wish I could be more of a part bvb of that life once again.

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