Raising Kids on the Homestead

Another reason to love farm life!

When we bought our property four years ago I could never have imagined this little red head in our lives.  Fast forward to today, here we are with livestock and gardens raising our little one out in the country.  I think back to living in our house in the suburbs of Kansas City and what a different life style she would of had.  

Here on the homestead she will be able to see first hand how food can be raised and grown not only with quality of meat but also the humanely way of raising livestock.  She will be part of picking herbs and vegetables fresh from the garden for dinner, salads or salsa.  We mostly likely will never get to the point of not having to go to the grocery store but the more food we can grow is important to us knowing the nutrition of what our family is eating.  

Not all things on the homestead will be rainbows and butterflies for little Sloane though.  She will become aware at an early age of mother earths cycle of life as some of the animals we raise will be for consumption.  Featured in this picture will be our first attempt at raising our own chickens from chicks to adult hood!  A few months ago we purchased 20 unisex rhode island reds known to be a dual purpose breed meaning the ladies in the group will be joining our growing flock of laying hens while the roosters will be butchered on the homestead for the freezer.  

I don’t think any farmer loves butchering day but I am happy how these birds have been raised and how our bare foot child can happily run into their grassy area to throw them their food.  I’ve driven by large chicken coops before and the smell makes me hit the gas pedal a little harder to fly by let alone ever step into one. GAG!  That is why we continue to push through this beginning phase for a better, more delicious tomorrow.  

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  1. Love your blogs. Gave me an idea to do one for the flower shop. Love seeing pictures and makes me want to be back on the farm. I have the next best thing in a small town. Looking forward to reading more

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