Pasture Pork

Raising pigs was not on the agenda for this year.  We had already decided to add one new animal every year and pigs were not on the list.  2020 was going to the be the year of goats and laying hens.  Sometime around quarantine all those well made plans went out the window and I’m happy we went ahead a purchased these two heritage breed pigs!  

It took some research to find the breed we wanted.  We knew we wanted our pigs out on pasture and rotational moved like our other animals.  Heritage breeds are the way to go when it comes to wanting a pig that can thrive on pasture.  Commercial breeds have been selectively bred to get rid of the natural instincts of the pig so they can be raised in confinement of large buildings. 

These two are pure Large Black Hogs and still maintain much of their natural instincts of rooting, foraging on grass and able to handle various weather.  Because they do not do well in confinement and grow at a slower rate than commercial hogs they are slowly disappearing and at one time where almost extinct.  Because of the awareness for pigs to be raised on pasture, this breed along with other heritage breeds are making a comeback! 

The great thing about having pasture pigs is they are living a lifestyle more suited to their natural instincts making their meat supposedly tastier and more superb.  I personally have not had pasture pork but numerous sources say once you’ve had it you won’t want to go back.  

We would love for others to be a part of the journey of changing the food source from commercial to local farms.  If your interested in pasture pork please contact me, we have 1/2 hog for sale to be butchered in December…pasture ham for Christmas!  Later this year, I plan on getting orders for anyone wanting a 1/2 or whole hog for next year, 2021.  

Change does not happen overnight but one bite at a time. 

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