Our Herd Has Tripled!

This has been an exciting month with all our does giving birth to the cutest twin and triplet kids! February had some wild weather so we were so fortunate our does were not due to start kidding till the beginning of March.  They all had their babies in the most beautiful spring weather we could of asked for. When babies are born in frigid temperatures, the moms may not get them dried off quick enough leading to hypothermia. When you know your moms are due during wet or freezing temperatures, its important to keep a close eye on them to be able to assist with the drying off process. Some breeders don’t recommend kidding till spring to avoid losses that can occur from birthing during crazy weather. The head count was a total of nine kids born with no assistance needed. Seven of them being girls and two boys. 

We spent the weekend tagging our new kids. Tagging is essentially similar to an ear piercing and was probably harder on me than them. Tagging a goat is important to keep track of animals in the herd as far as who belongs to what dame and sire, sicknesses that can arise and various traits of the goats. Even with them being only a week or two old these little ones were fast and not the easiest to catch. Thankfully we had our 16 year old out there to help us chase them down as Shawn and I are not as agile as we used to be 🙂

Our goats love their sacrifice area and use the different trees and stumps as a playground but we are slowly introducing them back out on pasture. We’ve started with a few hours a day to get them used to eating fresh grass again and reduce the chance of bloat. They will be out to pasture full time soon providing more nutrition for the babies with fresh pasture vs hay and alfalfa pellets. Watching these guys play and run has been such an entertainment and we hope they continue to grow healthy and strong. 

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