My 3 Favorite Peeps Hard at Work

Shawn has been working hard at getting a sacrifice area going for the goats this winter.  The plan is to keep them out in the pastures for as long as possible, continuing to rotate them on a weekly basis.  As temperatures begin to drop, we want them up closer to the house in a sacrifice area.  A sacrifice area is a fenced in pasture we are willing to give up to keep our animals contained for several months, allowing a rest period for the other pastures.  Or in our case, a space we are sacrificing to give us better accessibility to animals during winter months.  

Several reasons for this with the main one being accessible water source.  We currently don’t have a great portable water system set up and are running garden hoses from our house to fill livestock water out in pasture. As temperatures drop below freezing, these lines will need to be rolled up making it difficult to get water to the animals.  Having a sacrifice area close to the house makes quicker work of checking water, providing hay when grass becomes limited and having a more permanent shelter for animals to get out of the wind and freezing rain.  ,

The sacrifice area is centered around one of our outbuildings.  This is important for shelter since our goats will be kidding(having babies) at the beginning of March.  In Kansas, March can be the start of some great spring weather or snowstorms could still be happening.  Shelter can play a role a huge role in survivability of kids when weather is not cooperating. 

Posts are in so next step will be stretching fence.  We decided to go woven wire, making it extra secure since the sacrifice area is close to a main road.  As Shawn plugs along, his two helpers are taking breaks to play with one of our newest kittens. 🙂

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