We are currently growing our registered Pure Kiko and New Zealand herd.

The Kiko goat is considered a meat goat originating from New Zealand.  What is loved about these goats is their hardiness and resistance to parasites and worms.  On a homestead, a healthy animal is a happy animal and we strive to have healthy animals limiting the need for medications. 

Our Kiko goats are an excellent livestock to have on the homestead, eating up brush and weeds not palatable by other animals.  They are also great at trimming up the trees!  We keep them out on pasture and high brush areas where they are moved every 4-6 days.  Rotationally grazing goats does several things for the pasture and goats.  It keeps the weeds down in pastures giving the grass more sunshine and ability to thrive.  Manure is spread more equally throughout pastures and frequent moves can help reduce the need for dewormers by breaking worm cycles.

Goat is a popular meat eaten world wide but not as common here in the States.  What I like about goat, it has lower fat and cholesterol, making it a healthier red meat choice and when cooked low and slow it is a delicious alternative to beef or pork.