Half – $400         Whole $800

Available this coming DECEMBER 2022

$100 deposit

 $100 deposit will be applied to final bill. Typical hanging weight can vary but will range from 200-250lbs. Your cuts of meat will be custom to what you or your family enjoys and can include sausage, bacon, ham, pork chops, tenderloin, ribs and more! Pricing does not include butcher fees.  Total cost of pig will be around $6-$7 a pound depending on size and custom butchering requested. 

Hogs are raised on pasture and rotationally moved to fresh grass regularly and supplemented with a quality non-gmo feed. Our pork is deeply marbled and full of flavor! 

Call, text or email to place an order:


 Available this coming DECEMBER 2022

Pork by the cut Pricing: 

Smoked Bacon – $10.99/lb 

Smoked Jowel Bacon – $11.99/lb 

Breakfast Sausage – $8.99

Ground Pork – $6.99 

Brats – $9.99/lb

Boneless Pork Chops – $9.99

Tenderloin – $14.99

Smoked Ham Steak – 12.99/lb 

Smoked Ham Roast – $12.99/lb 

Spare Ribs – $7.99/lb 

Country Style RIbs – $9.99/lb 

Baby Back Ribs – $12.99/lb 

Shoulder Steaks – $7.99/lb 

Smoked Ham Hocks – $3.49/lb

Pork Heart – $5 for .5/lb package 

Pork Liver – $4.99/lb

Pork Fat – $1.99/lb