Family Strong!

Strong family work to get all hay bales up!  Woohoo!  Two of us bucked bales and one person drove the truck.  Last year I mostly drove and let the guys buck the bales but with the heat this year we all took a turn driving with the AC blasting.  Who needs a gym membership when you have a homestead! 

Last year we were able to head out early in the morning and beat the heat.  Between work schedules and rain we did not have that luxury this year so had to sweat it out in the heat of the day.  Hot! Hot! Hot!  Happy this job is done with minimal hiccups and over 300 bales in the barn.  

A special shout out to grandma for watching the little one this year!  It was a huge help to have all 3 of us out there and wouldn’t have happened if someone had to stay behind to watch the babe.  

Now onto the next project…prepping for our goat arrival.