Crazy Chicken Lady

Back on the subject of chickens because that’s what we have going on right now, the husband has officially deemed me the crazy chicken lady.  Might have to do with the fact I keep ordering them and now we have A Lot of chickens.  It’s a serious homesteading addiction.

There’s our original 6 chickens we purchased back in November, 5 americauna hens and one rooster.  When we ordered our Rhode Island Red roosters for butchering, I also bought some Rhode Island hens as well.  They’re known to be a great egg layer so I figured why not give them a try.  A couple months later, my large order of layers came in with a variety of breeds…Barred Rocks, Marans, Austrolorps, Golden Comets, Hamburgs and Guinea fowl.   I think we might be up to 30 plus layers, maybe closer to 40 but who’s counting at this point.  

The hard part when ordering new chicks is integrating the new chicks with the older hens.  It’s best to wait a minimum of 6 weeks but the older the better.  Chickens can be mean when it comes to pecking order and the bigger the chick is when integrated the better and you never want to add only one chicken.  We plan on integrating our most recent purchase of layers into the older group this weekend at about 9-10 weeks old.  It can be like a rendition of mean girls in the coup, so we will need to keep a close eye on them.

If that wasn’t enough our next batch of meat birds came in this past week!  We ordered Cornish Cross and Red Rangers but due to different hatching times the Red Rangers won’t be in till August.  The Cornish Cross chicks will hang out in what’s called a brooder for the first few weeks of life.  Reason for the brooder is they have to stay at a certain temperature until there feathers grow in before they can be put outside on grass. 

So you might be seeing where the nickname is coming from.  I also have a chicken lady in training…this girl loves the chickens as much as I do!  If you have chickens I would love to hear what breed and why they’re your favorite?!  There’s alway room for more if I hear a breed worth trying…

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